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Four Wheel Drive (var.2) guitar tab read and play online

                    Four Wheel DriveBachman Turner OverdriveTabbed by Michael S. Kassmike@simtech.netThis is the chorus... (Play Twice)                                        e|---0---2---3----3---2---0--------------|B|---2---3---0----0---3---2--------------|G|---2---2---0----0---2---2--------------|D|---2---0---0----0---0---2--------------|A|-----------2----2----------------------|E|-----------3----3----------------------|                                       Four wheel drive... Four wheel ride...Side by side... Four wheel ride...This is what I have for the verse lick.  I think it sounds pretty close to what they do.                                      e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|D|--2---2/5---7----7---5-----------------|A|--2---2/5---7----7---5-----------------|E|---------------------------------------|                                       And every now and then throw in one of these...                                        e|--2---0--------------------------------|B|--3---2--------------------------------|G|--2---2--------------------------------|D|--0---2--------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|                                       The solo is pretty much the verse over and over again.  As for that little riff at the end of the solo... sorry, you're on your own.                    

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