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Hey You (var.5) guitar tab read and play online

                    Song: Hey You
Band: Bachman Turner Overdrive
Tabbed by: Adam Bishop 

F#m7    - x-9-11-9-10-9
C#m7    - 9-11-9-9-9-9
Bm9     - 797779
Dm7     - x57565
C#m7(2) - x46454
Bm7     - x24232
E7      - xx2434
E       - xx2454
E5      - 12-14-14-x-x-x
A5      - 577xxx
G5      - 355xxx
D5      - 10-12-12-x-x-x
C#5     - 9-11-11-x-x-x
B5      - 799xxx
E5(2)   - 022xxx

F#m7    C#m7    Bm9    Dm7    C#m7(2)    Bm7    E7

F#m7    C#m7    Bm9    Dm7    C#m7(2)    Bm7    E

E5  A5               G5      D5
Hey you, you say you want to change the world
     E5  A5                     G5    D5
It's all right, with me there's no regret
     E5 A5                    G5  D5
It's my turn, the circle game has brought me here
E5  A5                                   G5   D5 C#5 B5 E5(2)
And I won't let down till every star has set

A5      B5      D5    E5
You realize now
A5              B5        D5    E5
You should have tried now
A5          B5       D5    E5
The music's gone now
A5          B5      D5    E5
You lost it somehow

Hey you, sha la la la la
Hey you, sha la la la la
Whoo, sha la la la la
Whoo, sha la la la la

Hey you, you say the race is much too fast
It's okay, with me you keep the pace
It's my game, the music is inside my head
For everyone on top there's one who can replace


Repeat intro


A5-B5-D5-E5, palm-muted, 4 times

Sha la la la, hey you, hey you, hey you
Sha la la la, baby it's true
Sha la la la, no time, no time, no time
Sha la la la, don't let me down, don't let me down
Sha la la la, you got to learn to take it easy baby
Sha la la la, the music's gone, it's all gone
Sha la la la, too late, too late, too late
Sha la la la, I should have realised it a lot sooner than this
Sha la la la, hey you, hey you

Fade out

Hey you - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Guitar Tab.

As performed on the LP "Four Wheel Drive"
Tabbed by Henrik Gustafsson (

. = Repeat note

 Riff 1

 Riff 2               Bridge
e|------------------- ------------------------------
B|------------------- ------------------------------
G|------------------- ------------------------------
D|--9-------------7-- --------------------2-2-------
A|--7--7-------5--5-- -12-12--11-11--9-9--2-2-------
E|-----5-------3----- -10-10--9--9---7-7--0-0-------

 Riff 3

Riff 1 (2x)
Riff 2 (4x)
Riff 3 (8x)
Riff 2 (4x)
Riff 3 (8x)
Riff 1 (2x)
Riff 3 - Fade out                    

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