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Not Fragile (var.7) guitar tab read and play online

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          Hello Steve whus up?  I had a blast working out this tune,
          I forgot how many great tunes that are on this disc!
          Anyway, the chords are as follows:

          A (5X) C G A /A (5X) A D C G A    - ALL POWER CHORDS!
                                              5X =PLAY CHORD 5 TIMES
                 1st part play F# and G notes on the low E string
                 2nd part play a D, then C# and D notes,then an F and
                 lift index finger to let the E note out (alternetes
                 between E and F notes just before the Power chord
                 part comes back in.   That should do it!  I played
          it with my new Les Paul,and it sounded perfect to the
          recording!  Enjoy it!   Let me know if you need any more
          help,or if this is unclear in some way.  See Ya!  Mark......                    

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